Working with CASMI

We work with various groups and organisations to deliver our projects – including policy makers, governments, academic researchers, regulatory agencies, patient groups and companies – who are looking to gain more experience in the field and contribute to a range of projects tackling the scientific, legislative, and business aspects of medical innovation. As one of our partners, you will have the opportunity to influence and shape future biomedical models of innovation, and help us to focus on the most important issues in medical innovation.

We are an independent centre with access to many influential and impartial experts who are able to conduct research into the different areas of medical innovation. CASMI also provides independent advice on public policy and regulatory approaches needed to improve efficiency of healthcare expenditure and influence the field of life sciences.

If you are a group or organisation who would like to work with us on a specific project or issue you believe that we should tackle, or if you are an academic researcher who would like to collaborate on a project, please contact us at