policy and impact

CASMI provides independent thought leadership and convening power by conducting world-class academic research and practically implementing it through our policy and impact team.

Academic Research

The academic contribution to CASMI is led by Professor Rob Horne and delivered through the Medical Innovation Academic Consortium (MIAC), which aims to:

  • Create a deeper understanding of how value and risk are perceived and acted upon by individuals, organisations and society
  • Inform the development of medical innovations that are safe, effective, affordable, widely-adopted and sustainable
  • Draw together expertise from law, economics, ethics, behavioural science and other disciplines as well as medicine and medical science

Policy and Impact

  • Pilot projects to test new models and processes
  • Support partners to implement new methods
  • Communicate desired changes in practice and policy
  • Engage consortia of stakeholders to discuss and implement changes
  • Campaign for appropriate policy and regulation changes

CASMI’s agenda is centred around the concept of Value, Risk and Regulation.

value, risk and regulation