Sir David Cooksey

“The brilliance of the scientific discovery of the early 21st century should lead to substantial improvements to patient health and stimulate economic growth, but it risks being stifled by no longer fit for purpose regulatory and licensing methodology which drives up costs to uneconomic levels. This is reflected in the severe cutbacks to research and development activity across the pharmaceutical industry. CASMI deserves our support in its mission to seek new paths to develop and licence new therapies that are affordable and safe for those patients that they can benefit.”

Sir David Cooksey GBE Hon FMedSci

Sir David Cooksey is currently Chairman of the Francis Crick Institute, a major initiative by the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, The Wellcome Trust and University College, Imperial & King’s Colleges London.

Sir David was in venture capital fund management from 1981, when he founded Advent Venture Partners, until 2006. Advent invests in and builds early stage companies with outstanding growth prospects in the life sciences, information technology and telecommunications industries.

Sir David was appointed by HM Treasury and the Department for Trade and Industry to chair the UK Biotechnology Innovation and Growth Taskforce which published its report on the future of the UK biosciences industry ‘Biosciences 2015’ in November 2003. He reviewed and updated that report in 2009.

In 2006, the Chancellor of the Exchequer ring-fenced funding for the Medical Research Council and the NHS R&D function. He commissioned Sir David to head a review which proposed new institutional arrangements for healthcare research funding. This included changes to encourage successful translation of basic research discoveries into products which benefit patients and the broader economy.

Sir David chaired Diamond Light Source Ltd from 2002-2008, the joint venture between the Office of Science and Technology and the Wellcome Trust which built the UK’s new synchrotron radiation source at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Sir David retired in 2005 as Chairman of the non executive directors of the Bank of England after 11 years of service as a director. He was a governor of the Wellcome Trust from 1995 to 2000.