CASMI is focused on the development and implementation of academically rigorous and commercially practicable healthcare risk management tools that address presently unmet multi-stakeholder needs – and critically those of patients.

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Risk:Benefit Appraisal Methodologies: The systematic and rigorous assessment of risk:benefit profiles, including associated uncertainty, is a pressing need for patients, product developers and regulators. CASMI is working with the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences (NDORMS) at the University of Oxford, to identify the most appropriate risk:benefit appraisal methodologies for a range of therapeutic interventions based on multi-stakeholder requirements, and utilising these findings to develop more transparent and effective solutions.

Patient Risk Perception Tools: Patient risk perception is a fundamental factor impacting therapeutic outcomes and patient engagement in care. CASMI is working with the Centre for Behavioural Medicine at University College London to develop tools evaluating, predicting and ultimately improving patient adherence. This work unites multi-discpinary academics and disease specific foundations.

Cell Therapy Bioprocessing Risk Management: A key focus of the CASMI Translational Stem Cell Consortium, a unique academic industry partnership, is the assessment and specification of bioprocess analytical tools and technologies to support the development and adoption of cell based therapies – including immunotherapies e.g. T-cells. This work levers an international and multi-disciplinary academic industry team, producing timely and practicable findings, distributed to Consortium partners and in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.