Professor Nick Freemantle

“During my career I have been fortunate to be involved in the evaluation of some very effective and cost effective health technologies which can have a real impact on the length and quality of life of people with devastating conditions – unfortunately we have to search very hard to find promising interventions or even to recognise the usefulness of those we already know about in specific settings”

Nick Freemantle has worked in the evaluation of health care interventions for over 20 years, in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical interventions, diagnostics and the impact of health policy.  An important strand of his work has been the evaluation of strategies to implement the findings of research, and the effectiveness of medical education.

Nick’s particular interests include the real world evaluation of health care interventions.

At UCL Nick spends part of his time working in within the PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit, which specialises in clinical trials in a community setting.  He also works on a range of projects using non randomised designs to inform health policy and practice.

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