Professor Martin Utley

“In gaining a better understanding of how different patient attitudes and behaviours combine with and are influenced by pharmaco-kinetic / pharmaco-dynamic systems to shape the clinical outcomes achieved, there is the opportunity to improve those outcomes. Mathematical and computational modelling has an important role to play in this.”

Martin Utley is Professor of Operational Research and Director of the Clinical Operational Research Unit (CORU) at University College London, where he has worked since completing a PhD in Particle Physics in 1996. Since joining CORU he has developed and applied operational research methods and other analytical techniques in close collaboration with clinicians in a variety of specialties including pediatric cardiac surgery, rheumatology, thoracic surgery and intensive care.

In addition to working with health care organisations on capacity planning and service-delivery problems, Martin develops mathematical and computational models intended to generate insight concerning complex problems. One strand of his work has involved developing simple models to explore the impact of non-adherence to medication on outcomes, exploring the role of different patterns of adherence and patient-drug-prescriber systems where there could be complex feedback mechanisms.

Martin has honorary positions with Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College London Hospital and acts as scientific advisor the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death. He serves on the standing commissioning panel for the DH Policy Research Programme and as Editor of the Elsevier journal Operations Research for Health Care. 

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