Professor Chas Bountra

“Society desperately needs more novel medicines, but drug discovery is too expensive, takes too long and is too high risk for any one organisation. We need to breakdown institutional and intellectual property barriers that slow down or prevent collaboration. I am confident that CASMI will catalyse this transformation of the process and the ecosystem.”

Chas is Chief Scientist at the SGC (Structural Genomics Consortium) and Professor of Translational Medicine at the University of Oxford. His current research is aimed at determining the 3D X ray structures of novel proteins, generating  novel small molecule inhibitors, using these to dissect disease networks and hence identifying new targets for drug discovery.

Chas is an advocate for pre-competitive science, up to and including Phase IIa clinical studies. The SGC publishes all findings immediately (more than one per week), works closely with over 100 academic labs across the world and 8 pharmaceutical companies, and shares all reagents and expertise freely.

Chas has worked  in the pharmaceutical industry, and has experience of all stages of discovery and development. He was involved in the launch of Alosetron for the treatment of IBS, has progressed more than 30 clinical candidates, many of these into Phase II studies and 5 into Phase III studies.  His therapeutic expertise is in neuro-psychiatric, gastro-intestinal (GI) and inflammatory diseases.

He has given over 200 invited lectures on Drug Discovery, Translational Technologies, Pain, Neurodegeneration and GI diseases, Structural biology and Epigenetics

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