Professor Bryan Williams FRCP FAHA FESC

“The current model for new drug development is broken and unsustainable, ironically, at a time when the scientific substrate for new innovation has never been stronger. Fixing this is not just about relieving the innovation pathway of inflexible regulation that is increasingly unfit for purpose. It also requires new ways of doing things and stronger partnerships between universities and industry.”

Bryan Williams is Professor of Medicine at UCL, an NIHR Senior Investigator and Director of the University College London Hospitals NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. He is Chairman of the National Cardiovascular Specialty Group of the UK Comprehensive Research Network. His research interest is in cardiovascular haemodynamics with a particular reference to evaluation of novel therapeutic interventions and the mechanistic aspects of pathophysiological arterial structure and functional changes in high blood pressure, which aligns with his area of clinical expertise.

In collaboration with a biotech SME in Singapore he has developed methods for the non-invasive assessment of aortic pressure from mathematical computation of peripheral arterial wave forms which has been successfully commercialised. This work received has received numerous international awards including the UK Times Higher University Award for excellence in technology and innovation in 2011.

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