Professor Anne Schilder

Anne Schilder

“‘Current hearing pathways do not meet the needs of people with hearing loss; there is variation and inequity in NHS hearing services, and current treatments, hearing aids, do not work well in natural (noisy) environments. My team works closely with patients, hearing scientists, clinicians and industry to develop and test novel hearing treatments and make sure that NHS patients will have access to these innovations’.”

Anne Schilder is an NIHR Research Professor at the UCL Ear Institute and Director of the NIHR UCLH BRC Deafness and Hearing Problems Theme. As joint Co-ordinating Editor of Cochrane ENT, National Lead of the NIHR Clinical Research Network ENT Specialty and Surgical Specialty Lead for ENT of the Royal College of Surgeon’s Clinical Trials Initiative, she plays a pivotal role in clinical research in ENT, Hearing and Balance in the UK.

Her current research focuses on hearing loss, a condition that affects one in six people in the UK and has a major impact on their physical, mental and social health. Hearing loss acquired in mid-life has recently been identified as a significant risk factor for dementia. Based on recent discoveries in the mechanisms of hearing loss, and supported by major public and private funds, a range of novel drug, gene and cell therapies are being developed to protect, restore and regenerate the hearing system. Anne’s research focuses on the translational aspects of applying these innovative hearing approaches in existing healthcare systems, and ranges from first-in-man trials, analysis of routine health data, to health economics and health policy.

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