Open Innovation

One of the key developments of recent years in life sciences is the growth of ‘Open Innovation’ (OI). This development promises to harness a wider range of insights and skills, particularly in the early discovery and invention stages of the innovation process, and so transform their productivity.  It involves new ways of sourcing scientific inputs and new types of relationships between public, private and charity sector participants. It also challenges conventional models of intellectual property and existing economic structures.

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Supported by the Wellcome Trust, CASMI is independently assessing the current OI ecosystem in life sciences. In our upcoming publication, we analyse the following key elements to successful collaboration:

  • Aligning Objectives
  • Managing Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Bridging Cultures
  • Structuring for Success

From this, we have created a toolkit to answer two questions for practitioners: should we take an open innovation path to address our problem and if so, how should we structure the collaboration? We hope that our step-by-step approach to confront the key questions at the outset will improve the chances of future open initiatives to succeed.

The final report can be found here (published September 2014).

For more information on the project, contact Emily Algar

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