Megan Morys

Megan Morys

“New therapies are prohibitively expensive and healthcare systems the world over are straining to cope with demand. We need a paradigm-shift to make our global healthcare systems sustainable – changes to R&D, regulation, health economics, data management and culture. CASMI is here to make that innovation happen”

Megan has a wealth of experience in innovation ecosystems, strategy, change management and science commercialisation, with a particular focus on the culture and structures that facilitate effective innovation. She particularly values working across traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries and strongly supports the multi-disciplinary nature of CASMI’s team.

Megan has a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge as a member of St John’s College, and a range of other qualifications in economics, science communication and business. Her professional career has spanned a range of high-tech sectors including energy, transportation, cryogenics, space, healthcare technologies and medical devices. She has a particular interest in healthcare and has worked with blue-chip companies in this sector such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Coloplast and GE Healthcare as well as being the founder and leader of the Harwell Healthcare Technologies Group.

Megan lectures on innovation for the University of Cambridge and facilitates innovation and scenario workshops for small companies and academics. She is also a business mentor for several high-tech companies and assesses investment readiness for business angels.

In Megan’s spare time, she enjoys Ceroc dancing, climbing, civil war re-enactment and culinary experimentation, and is a longstanding clinical volunteer with St John Ambulance, holding an Emergency Transport Attendant qualification.

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