Kim Bure

“Effective translation of innovative regenerative medicine discoveries into commercially viable therapeutics is the greatest hurdle in reaching the growing unmet medical needs of patients.”

Kim is Global Director of Regenerative Medicine at Sartorius Stedim Biotech, which acquired her former employer, TAP Biosystems, in late 2013. She is passionate about translating automated cGMP biomanufacturing innovation into solutions for emerging markets. Over her past 7 years at TAP, partnering with clients in both biologics and drug discovery around process robustness and comparability, she has built a strong foundation from which to address the numerous challenges facing cellular therapeutic bioprocessing. Presently, Kim is the Industrial Lead for the CASMI Translational Stem Cell Consortium.

Previous positions advocating novel technology products at Invitrogen (now Life Technologies), Molecular Devices and Alltech (now W.R. Grace), have further equipped her with a broad knowledge of the life science marketplace and tremendous depth with respect to the hurdles encountered by early stage markets. Kim earned a degree in Chemistry from Northwestern University and remains a staunch supporter of the resultant benefits provided by rigorous system and process controls. Kim is also a keen horticulturalist, and as the New England weather permits, enjoys hot air ballooning.