Good Genomic Practice

Genomics is having an increasingly important influence on medicine, in cancer, in inherited disorders and an increasing range of other diseases. However, there are many areas – in the multi-step journey from sample collection to medical decision-making – in which error, artefact and uncertainty can creep in. CASMI recently proposed the concept of Good Genomic Practice (GGP) to help guide and govern the rapidly growing field.

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In this next stage we plan to:

  • Lay out the most important areas to be included
  • Clarify the main practical and interpretative issues in these areas
  • Establish the most important principles to apply
  • Identify what standards might already exist and where the best expertise resides
  • Agree how best to manage communications inside the field and externally as the process proceeds

Genomic medicine is a young discipline with boundless potential to improve human health. We strongly believe that it is timely and crucial for the genomics community to define essential attributes of GGP and the ‘medical-grade genome’, thus ensuring the field realizes this great potential.