Dr Stuart Faulkner

Stuart Faulkner

“The pathway to adoption of innovation into healthcare systems is fraught with difficulties – with fundamental hurdles repeatedly encountered and fallen at. The ability and willingness of all the major stakeholders to have a voice and work together on ever more complex issues in that pathway is paramount to sustainability. CASMI can work with these stakeholders to help find common solutions both in the UK and EU healthcare domain.”

Dr Stuart Faulkner has been the Programmes and Operations Manager of CASMI, at Oxford University, since Nov 2015.
Stuart current role is co-leading a variety of work streams in a large EU funded private public partnership on adaptive pathways. It aims to successfully explore and develop new conceptual frameworks to expedite patient access to transformative medicines at the European level. In addition Stuart is responsible for developing new collaborative projects and grant opportunities to further CASMI’s visibility, agenda and policy impact.
Stuart’s 15-year career in science has spanned a degree in Biosciences, a PhD in neuroscience, translational models of neonatal brain injury, early phase clinical trials and developing medical devices. A four-year move to Canada saw further research into stem cell treatments for cerebral palsy, coordinating a number of large observational studies in osteoarthritis, and developing new models of healthcare. Stuart has extensive experience of multi-stakeholder projects, grant applications and publications.
In his spare time Stuart is active with many sports, travelling, culture, volunteering, and pursuing the love of the great outdoors.

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