Dr Someit Sidhu

Someit Sidhu

“Problems in healthcare are complex. To solve them we must bring together brilliant minds in an environment conducive to supporting the best ideas.”

Dr Someit Sidhu is a recent graduate from Oxford medical school and after spending time working in Cardiology and General Surgery he is now a consultant at McKinsey & Co.

He is the founder of the Medical Innovation Course studied at Oxford which is a first of its kind multidisciplinary module bringing together medical students, engineers, business students and entrepreneurs to develop ideas in the healthcare space.

Someit has a keen interest in education, as a Senior Mackinnon Scholar at Magdalen College, he founded a pre university programme for students as well as a charity focused on delivering medical education and sustainable healthcare in developing countries.

In his spare time he is a keen musician and writer and has composed songs featured in Bollywood films!

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