Dr Patrick Vallance

“The priority for all of us is to make sure patients get the medicines they need so we should look critically at how we can translate our discoveries into innovative therapies in a cost-effective and timely manner. CASMI will help to identify what gets in the way of reaching that goal and propose some practical solutions acceptable to patients, payers, regulators and society at large.”

Patrick Vallance – President, Pharmaceuticals R&D, GSK

Patrick was appointed President, Pharmaceuticals R&D, in January 2012. Prior to his appointment he was Senior Vice President, Medicines Discovery and Development. He is a member of the Corporate Executive Team. As president of R&D he is responsible for ensuring that GSK maintains a flow of potential new medicines through the R&D pipeline from early discovery through to approval.

Patrick joined the company in May 2006 as Head of Drug Discovery. He transformed GSK’s discovery engine to focus on therapy areas that are underpinned by the most promising and mature science, and which offer fresh insights into diseases. Patrick has also re-personalised Drug Discovery by setting up small, empowered teams, called Discovery Performance Units, to drive success of potential new medicines in the pipeline. This new approach has led to a number of potential new medicines progressing into late-stage development.

Prior to joining GSK Patrick was a clinical academic and led the Division of Medicine at University College London. He has over 20 years’ experience of clinical medicine, general internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine and clinical pharmacology. He also has an international reputation as a vascular biologist and clinician scientist. Patrick’s research has been translational, spanning structural and molecular studies, in vitro and in vivo experimental pharmacology and clinical studies including the use of large-scale patient databases. He was elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in 1999 and subsequently became its Registrar before leaving to join GSK.

Patrick is a member of the Board of the Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR) and is a director of Genome Research Limited. He is also a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research.