Professor Houman Ashrafian

“CASMI is well placed to align the disparate needs of the mulitdisiplinary teams that are involved in medical innovation from drug discovery to clinical implementation. CASMI will provide a focus for rigorous research at the intersection between science, economics and regulatory affairs and hopes to breech the barriers to therapeutic innovation.”

Houman received his BM BCh in 1999 and his DPhil in 2009, both from the University of Oxford. Following completion of his cardiology training, Houman was appointed as a Consultant Cardiologist in 2011 at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He was awarded an Intermediate Fellowship from the BHF CRE in 2010 and is based in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. His current research focuses on cardiac metabolism with a particular focus on the role of fumarate. He is now a Visiting Professor at the university.

By striving to understand basic mechanisms determining the complexity of disease, for example by investigating pathways identified in cancer medicine to the cardiovascular system, Houman’s research aims to translate these insights from bench to bedside. His groups work demonstrating the cardioprotective properties of basic biological molecules such as fumarate and insulin underline the potential for rapid clinical impacts.

His groups identification, exemplification and commercialisation of perhexiline (a metabolic modulator), in conjunction with collaborators in Aberdeen and London, as a promising treatment for defined subgroups of patients with cardiomyopathy and heart failure, supports the value of this strategy for diagnostic and therapeutic progress.

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