Dr Elin Haf Davies

Dr Elin Haf Davies

“The current drug development model is no longer fit-for-purpose and not sustainable. I’m passionate about finding alternative ways to ensure that patients benefit from scientific discoveries, at a cost that is affordable to society.”

Dr Elin Haf Davies PhD began her career as a children’s nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital, specialising in research, and responsible for 20 clinical trials across four different therapeutic fields. Her PhD focused on developing age-appropriate, disease-specific outcome measures in neurometabofics. In 2007 Elin joined the Paediatric Team at the European Medicine Agency, responsible for implementing the Paediatric regulation in Europe. Elin left the EMA in 2013 to work independently.

Elin was part of the IMiPACT project identifying enablers for Medicines Adaptive Pathways for Patients (MAPPs) from current imi projects. She was also involved in the Department of Health project seeking the views of patients and families on the opportunities and challenges of implementing MAPPs in the UK.

Elin also founded digital health social enterprise aparito, using wearable technology and smart phone apps to monitor patients remotely, and in real-time.

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