Dr Amanda Begley

“Someone once referred to me as the ‘diffusion woman’ – I took it as a compliment! We will only eliminate unacceptable variations in patient experience and outcomes of care if we adopt and adapt effective innovative practices for the benefit of every patient. There is no silver bullet when it comes to diffusion – working together to crack this challenge is critical.”

Dr Amanda Begley is Director of Innovation and Implementation at UCLPartners, working across a range of programmes to build partnerships and capabilities that enable uptake of innovations at scale for patient and population benefit.

Amanda’s focus is on finding ways to increase the pace of adoption and adaption through ‘pull’ and peer-to-peer horizontal (not top-down) approaches. At UCLP she has worked on developing multi-agency communities who work together to improve uptake of evidence based practices, codifying UCLP’s approach to delivering change and creating resources to support innovation diffusion. As UCLPs lead director for the Optimising Behaviour theme in North Thames CLAHRC, Amanda also closely with the CLAHRC to identify and address research questions that moderate the impact of innovative treatments, such as, adherence

Following an educational psychology PhD, Amanda joined the NHS as an Assistant and Trainee Clinical Psychologist. Amanda has worked as a commissioner and senior manager across primary, community and secondary care, and has led the implementation of policy. Before joining UCLPartners, Amanda worked as Head of Innovation at NHS London, Strategic Health Authority. While at UCLP, Amanda completed a part time secondment to work as a GSK fellow.

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