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WEBCAST: The Current State of Biomedical Innovation

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Summary from the Brookings Institution: On July 16, the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at Brookings hosted the second annual State of Biomedical Innovation conference. The goal of this conference was to assess U.S. biomedical innovation and discuss policy solutions that ensure the nation remains a world leader. This year, the conference [...]

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VIDEO: “The answer is not to stop innovating but to innovate better” – Sir John Tooke

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VIDEO: “You can’t just drop innovation into a system that doesn’t work” says Sir John Bell

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The Dragon’s Clinic

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CASMI Fellow Nick Edwards acts as a ‘Dragon’ as Oxford medical students present their innovative business ideas to a panel of judges: [...]

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Nick Edwards Blogs about Creating the Oxford AHSN

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“I am currently working on the development of the Oxford Academic Health Sciences Network which will bring together the NHS, universities and businesses to promote medical innovation to improve patient care and promote wealth creation.  One of 15 AHSNs that will cover all of England, the Oxford one covers Oxfordshire, [...]

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VIDEO: Malcolm Grant on CASMI & the NHS

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VIDEO: Richard Barker on the ‘Evolution of CASMI’

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FDA Announces New Approach to Benefit/Risk Assessment

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The FDA has recently announced a new and refined approach to assessing benefit/risk.   The latest report calls for ‘a new drug regulatory decision-making paradigm for risk-benefit assessments, rejecting calls for a quantitative-only approach to regulation as counterproductive to its goals to make the decision-making process as clear and predictable [...]

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What is a ‘Sustainable Medical Innovation’?


CASMI is an organisation with a mission – a key aspect of which is to support the translation of pioneering medical innovations. This goes beyond conventional technologies and means facilitating the development of radical new approaches, and changing the healthcare landscape in the process. Our remit covers any idea that [...]

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Tackling Translation: And doing so head on…


Translation is a woefully abused term. To use an epicurean analogy, all too often translation is promise akin to a perfectly poached egg, its unctuous yolk yielding to the slightest quiver of the knife. However, ‘translatory initiatives’ in the life sciences frequently deliver a disappointingly overcooked, sturdy and granular yolk. [...]

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