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Funding of ultra-orphan drugs in Scotland and England

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Two years on from reforms to the Scottish Medicines Consortium’s processes for evaluation drugs for end-of-life and rare conditions implemented in 2014, Dr Brian Montgomery was asked by the Scottish Government to review their impact on access. The result was a wide-ranging report covering multiple aspects of drug access, with [...]

February 13, 2017 Maeve Waite CASMI Views 0

Cancer drug access and devolution: the case of nivolumab, December 2016

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Cancer drug access has been in the headlines again this week, following publication of articles by journalist A A Gill, in which he commented on (un)availability of the drug nivolumab for lung cancer on the NHS in England. In particular, his writing drew attention to the fact that the drug [...]

February 8, 2017 Maeve Waite CASMI Views 0

Emerging Challenges in Research Ethics


CASMI Fellow, Jonathan Montgomery, had an opportunity to share his thoughts on emerging challenges in research ethics with members of the Ministry of Defence Research Ethics Committee in January. He identified a series of trends that placed the traditional paradigm under pressure. The closer integration of researchers and participants whereby [...]

February 1, 2017 Maeve Waite CASMI Views 0

CASMI Academic Agenda: A focus on ‘pull’ factors


CASMI’s mission is to help make the medical innovation process more efficient and sustainable, recognising that there is much unmet clinical need to address and the development and adoption of new drug solutions are slow and costly. Since inception we have seen the medical innovation process as a circular one [...]

December 20, 2016 Maeve Waite CASMI Views 0

Uncertainty: The Key to Health Leadership

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As always at this point in the political cycle, there is a great deal of uncertainty about future policy directions, funding sources and the longevity of certain programmes. Uncertainty has a habit of making people feel anxious, insecure and stressed.  It is often cited anecdotally – personally, the uncertainty over [...]

February 5, 2015 Andrea Hodgetts CASMI Views 0

Reflections on a Health Crisis

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Ebola is worrying, very worrying. The worst outbreak of recent times has taken thousands of lives in four West African countries and the virus has begun to appear in the US and Europe – and in one case transmitted to a local healthcare worker. The death rate from this terrible [...]

October 13, 2014 Andrea Hodgetts CASMI Views 0

How to Succeed at Open Innovation – Rosie Pigott’s Blog for Wellcome Trust

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Blog repost from the Wellcome Trust. Read the original article here Today we launch “Shaping the Future of Open Innovation: A practical guide for life sciences organisations”, a new resource created by a collaboration led by the Wellcome Trust, the Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) and Kinapse.Rosie Pigott from CASMI, [...]

September 4, 2014 Andrea Hodgetts CASMI Views 0

“We are gradually going to move away from fully fledged HTAs towards more European collaboration.”

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National associations throughout Europe are engaging with governments in a whole new way. At a recent Eyeforpharma event, Richard Bergstrom, Director General of EFPIA, spoke about: – How the regulatory model is changing – The benefits of sharing expectations and the strengths and weaknesses of company data with regulators, payers and patients [...]

August 13, 2014 Andrea Hodgetts CASMI Views 0

Putting Patients at the Heart of Medical Innovation


It’s time that we truly put patients at the heart of medical innovation. When I say that, I don’t mean adding a token patient to a conference speaker panel or ‘box ticking’ that a pharmaceutical company has consulted a patient group. What I mean is that we need to completely [...]

June 10, 2014 Andrea Hodgetts CASMI Views 0

CASMI Fellow Speaks about ‘Patient Participation in Melanoma Clinical Research’

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CASMI Associate Fellow Dr Sarah Garner spoke at the Joint M-icab/ESO Conference in Brussels last weekend. Upon a joint invitation from m-icab, (Melanoma Independent Community Advisory Board), and ESO, (European School of Oncology) about 90 stakeholders – Melanoma patients and advocates, clinicians, representatives from the regulatory and Health Technology Assessment [...]

April 4, 2014 Andrea Hodgetts CASMI Views 0