CASMI Director on the ‘Future of Clinical Trials’ at European Parliament


Richard Barker spoke at the European Parliamentary meeting on the revised Clinical Trial Regulation on Monday: I welcome the goal of the Commission, to introduce a regulation that restores Europe’s competitiveness in global clinical trials, which has been eroded in recent times. There are clearly serious problems with the existing [...]

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What is a ‘Sustainable Medical Innovation’?


CASMI is an organisation with a mission – a key aspect of which is to support the translation of pioneering medical innovations. This goes beyond conventional technologies and means facilitating the development of radical new approaches, and changing the healthcare landscape in the process. Our remit covers any idea that [...]

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The debate about dwindling innovation


The notion that innovation may be dwindling and no longer driving growth was discussed in a recent article in The Economist. The response from CASMI’s Director was published in the letters section this week: We might dispute the general proposition of waning innovation, as we Tweet and Skype in our [...]

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Tackling Translation: And doing so head on…


Translation is a woefully abused term. To use an epicurean analogy, all too often translation is promise akin to a perfectly poached egg, its unctuous yolk yielding to the slightest quiver of the knife. However, ‘translatory initiatives’ in the life sciences frequently deliver a disappointingly overcooked, sturdy and granular yolk. [...]

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Prime Minister Announces CASMI’s Lead in UK Adaptive Licensing Bid


CASMI is part of the expert group working on the UK Adaptive Licensing bid. In the recent ‘Strategy for UK Life Sciences: One Year On’ report, the Prime Minister announced that CASMI will be co-ordinating the exploration of candidate products for AL: As agreed in the Strategy for UK Life Sciences, [...]

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CASMI Supports Empowered Campaign in House of Lords

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The issue of slow drug development and lack of approvals for new medicines, particularly in neurology, was recently raised in parliament. CASMI’s support for The Empower: Access to Medicine campaign was announced and we will continue to strive towards creating a more productive environment for new treatments for neglected diseases. [...]

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‘Writing is on the wall’ for FDA’s increasing drug approvals


The FDA’s 35 drug approvals in 2012 continues a recent positive trend. Does this mean we have licked the problem of pharmaceutical innovation? Not exactly, but there are some interesting pointers in this crop of approvals. There are nine medicines for rare diseases – the system is receptive to treatments [...]

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Innovation in regulatory science awards


The Burroughs Wellcome Fund’s Innovation in Regulatory Science Awards provide up to $500,000 over five years to academic investigators who are addressing research questions that will lead to innovation in regulatory science. [...]

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Oxford and UCL come together to create CASMI

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We are delighted to announce that in recognition of the alliance between Oxford University and University College London, the Centre for the Acceleration of Medical Innovation (CAMI) is being renamed CASMI, the Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation. CASMI’s board will now be chaired jointly by Sir John [...]

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Welcome to CASMI


As Director of CASMI, I'd like to welcome you to our blog... [...]

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