NHS England and NICE changes to evaluation of drugs for rare conditions

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In March this year, NICE’s board agreed a proposal to introduce Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) as the measure of value for Highly Specialised Technologies (HST – products to treat very rare conditions), with a limit of £100 000 per QALY, below which the treatment would automatically be funded.  In response [...]

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Contrasting fortunes of immunotherapy drugs in first-line treatment of lung cancer

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The pharmaceutical press were quick to express their disappointment earlier this year at a draft decision by NICE, not to fund pembrolizumab (Keytruda: MSD) for first-line treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. The Appraisal committee concluded there was such uncertainty in the evidence base that it was impossible to [...]

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What did the Cancer Drugs Fund do for us?


Many of us woke last Friday morning to news coverage of the Cancer Drugs Fund, with reporting describing the Fund as “a waste of money” based on a paper published in Annals of Oncology by Aggarwal et al. The paper lays out a series of evaluations of the drugs provided [...]

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Accelerating Access to Personalised Medicine


On March 8th 2017, the symposium, Accelerating Access to Personalised Medicine – a joint endeavour between CASMI, NIHR University College London Hospital Biomedical Research Centre, the Healthcare Values Partnership, and the UCL Personalised Medicines domain – was held at University College London. The main aims for this joint venture were [...]

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Does the Public Prefer Health Gain for Cancer Patients? A Systematic Review of Public Views on Cancer and its Characteristics


CASMI have recently published a paper entitled Does the Public Prefer Health Gain for Cancer Patients? A Systematic Review of Public Views on Cancer and its Characteristics, in Pharmacoeconomics. The paper was written by Dr Liz Morrell and Dr Richard Barker, in collaboration with co-authors from the Health Economics Research Centre and the [...]

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CASMI at the RDM Symposium

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CASMI will be attending the University of Oxford’s Radcliffe Department of Medicine Annual Symposium on Monday 6th March 2017. Held at the Saïd Business School in Oxford, our postdoctoral researcher, Dr Liz Morrell, will be presenting her academic poster on the comparison of the Cancer Drugs Fund and NICE decisions, [...]

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Funding of ultra-orphan drugs in Scotland and England

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Two years on from reforms to the Scottish Medicines Consortium’s processes for evaluation drugs for end-of-life and rare conditions implemented in 2014, Dr Brian Montgomery was asked by the Scottish Government to review their impact on access. The result was a wide-ranging report covering multiple aspects of drug access, with [...]

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Cancer drug access and devolution: the case of nivolumab, December 2016

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Cancer drug access has been in the headlines again this week, following publication of articles by journalist A A Gill, in which he commented on (un)availability of the drug nivolumab for lung cancer on the NHS in England. In particular, his writing drew attention to the fact that the drug [...]

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Emerging Challenges in Research Ethics


CASMI Fellow, Jonathan Montgomery, had an opportunity to share his thoughts on emerging challenges in research ethics with members of the Ministry of Defence Research Ethics Committee in January. He identified a series of trends that placed the traditional paradigm under pressure. The closer integration of researchers and participants whereby [...]

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Accelerating Access to Personalised Medicine


  On Wednesday 8th March, colleagues from CASMI will be presenting at the Accelerating Access to Personalised Medicine Symposium, run in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Healthcare Values Partnership, the NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre, and the UCL Personalised Medicine Domain. Held at the UCL Great [...]

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