Professor Adrian Hill

“Innovation is at the heart of on-going efforts to develop vaccines against exceptionally difficult target diseases such as HIV, malaria and HCV. The greatest challenge is to incorporate and deploy these new discoveries rapidly to provide life-saving vaccines where they are needed most”

Professor Adrian Hill is Professor of Human Genetics and Director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University. He leads research programmes in both the genetics of susceptibility to tropical infectious diseases and in vaccine development.

His group identified heterologous prime-boost immunisation using non-replicating vectors as a potent approach for inducing protective T cell responses in murine malaria and undertook the first clinical trials of this approach. He has developed a liver-stage malaria vaccine that shows efficacy in phase IIa trials mediated by T cell responses.

He directs the Jenner Institute, a partnership between vaccine developers at Oxford University and the Institute for Animal Health, which aims to accelerate public sector vaccine development of human and livestock infectious diseases ( Over fifty clinical trials have been undertaken in recent years by Jenner Investigators who are developing new vaccine candidates against malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, meningitis, pandemic influenza and hepatitis C.

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