Accelerated Access Review: Final report


On October 24th 2016, the eagerly anticipated final report of the Accelerated Access Review has been released to the public and is available on the GOV.UK website:

The Accelerated Access Review (AAR) was commissioned by the government in November 2014. The final report makes recommendations to make it easier for NHS patients to access innovative medicines, medical technologies, diagnostics and digital products, improving efficiency and patient outcomes.

The AAR has been led by an independent chair, Sir Hugh Taylor, supported by Sir John Bell as Chair of the External Advisory Group. There has been extensive engagement with industry, the NHS, patients, academia and clinicians during its development.

Professor Richard Barker (Director of CASMI) comments,

“The AAR sets out a bold vision for innovation and life sciences as we move into a new era of precision and regenerative medicine.  The new pathways in the report combined with joined-up support from bodies in the new Accelerated Access Partnership will see strategically important products get the advice and support they need to take time out of development and cut through bureaucratic processes.   I hope Government and the NHS will accept the recommendations to demonstrate their commitment to life sciences in the UK.”

Quotes from Lord Prior (Minister for NHS Productivity and a member of the House of Lords) and Sir Hugh Taylor (Chair of the Accelerated Access Review) are below:

Lord prior’s blog:

Sir Hugh’s blog:

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