‘Shaping the Future of Open Innovation’ – CASMI’s latest paper for Wellcome Trust

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Shaping the Future of Open Innovation: A practical guide for life sciences organisations‘ is the latest publication from a major CASMI project supported by the Wellcome Trust. The research was conducted in collaboration with Kinapse.

Open innovation, which we define as the process of innovating with others for shared risk and reward to produce mutual benefits, has evolved significantly over the last two decades. Partnerships between a wide range of life sciences organisations are becoming ever more numerous, cross-disciplinary and open (in terms of data and knowledge sharing), and are reaching further down the value chain. The purpose of the report is to explore and evaluate these trends and suggest what the future might hold.

The report includes a toolkit to answer two questions for practitioners: should we take an open innovation path to address our problem, and, if so, how should we structure the collaboration? We hope that our step-by-step approach to confront the key questions at the outset will improve the chances of future open initiatives succeeding.

We are moving towards a more open world, which organisations must engage in in order to survive. The traditional linear, in-house R&D model is being abandoned and is being replaced by a dynamic network of partnerships. The boundary of what is being conducted in an ‘open’ fashion is being pushed towards later stages in the development pipeline, and there is also a greater focus on open source and open access approaches to knowledge sharing. Open innovation is beginning to have a major impact on both discovery and development; we predict that this will extend to the critical third step of securing beneficial patient outcomes. The outline of the radically different, and very intriguing, life sciences ‘ecosystem’ of the future is beginning to appear.

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