Putting Patients at the Heart of Medical Innovation


It’s time that we truly put patients at the heart of medical innovation.

When I say that, I don’t mean adding a token patient to a conference speaker panel or ‘box ticking’ that a pharmaceutical company has consulted a patient group.

What I mean is that we need to completely revolutionise the system so that patients are the central and most important participants in the medical innovation process, from which disease areas companies should focus on, to the particular benefits sought from a new medicine, to the point at which patients can access an innovative drug in its development.

In association with Genetic Alliance UK and Empower: Access to Medicine, CASMI has developed ‘The Patient Manifesto’, a ten point programme that calls to make the development of medicines more responsive to patients’ needs. We launched the proposal at the Houses of Parliament, with a number of MPs and health minister Earl Howe endorsing its aims.

In particular, the manifesto emphasises the necessity to reflect patient views in ‘benefit-risk’ assessments of new medicines and the opportunity presented by early access schemes such as adaptive licensing.

The manifesto is just the first step in re-designing the process from the patient perspective. We need to develop an ‘influence guide’ to define where and how patients can most effectively input at different stages of medical innovation, from bench to bedside.

CASMI will play a leading role in developing the guide and promoting it to the relevant stakeholders who will need to act upon its message.


Sign the petition in support here!


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Rosie Pigott is a Project Manager at CASMI, working on the Patient Manifesto as well as Innovation Adoption and Open Innovation projects.


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